Day Fourteen: Favorite Villain

I suppose If I had to pick a hated character as a favorite I’d have to go with..

Mainly because the Disney version of him makes me laugh. Him and his little minions are like a comedic relief. I don’t love him, I love to hate him.


Day Thirteen: Favorite Outfit

Kind of a lame one.. I don’t really have a favorite outfit, but I guess if I had to pick….

I think this dress looks like a homecoming gown. It’s more modern I think than other dresses in Disney.

Broken Computer

Sorry I haven’t posted since May 22nd guys!!! My laptop screen finally kicked the bucket for good. I just bought a cord to connect it to my tv. Spent $20 but that’s better than 400 for a new laptop! I’ll post the 30 day challenge stuff first thing tomorrow morning! I love whoever reads this!!


Day Twelve: Favorite Non-animal sidekick

There are non-animal sidekicks? Just kidding Just kidding πŸ™‚

Lumiere and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast! Cogsworth is the uptight pain in the butt everyone knows and Lumiere balances him out. Lumiere is the guy that everyone can relate to, the happy fun loving guy who breaks the rules(and sleeps with the maid).

I hope this still animates!! Kronk from the Emperors New Groove. I love Kronk! He’s a moron, but he can handle the evil Ezma so that makes him ok in my book!

Ling, Chein Po, and Yao from Mulan! Wow.. Do I even need to explain?

Day eleven: Favorite animal sidekick

Sebastian from The Little Mermaid! I love this movie and Sebastian is the funniest little character! I know he’s kind of a snitch but in the last movie “Ariel’s Beginning” You really start to love him!

Meeko and Flit from Pocahontas! These guys are so cute and really hilarious! I love when Flit get’s mad and turns red, and when Meeko steals cookies/crackers(whatever they are) from John Smith.

I know it’s been forever

So I haven’t updated since the 9th… I didn’t think I’d be able to go to Disney. I pathetically and humiliatingly failed out of my freshman year of college. I thought that since I was no longer enrolled, I wouldn’t be able to go. BUUUT I called them a couple days ago and they said I can still go! Which means, I will be going, and I will continue with the Disney challenge! πŸ™‚


Day Ten: Best Hair

EvenΒ  though this isn’t exactly the best picture, I cannot help myself from watching Ariel’s hair throughout The Little Mermaid. I think the way it moves and is obviously pretty manageable makes her hair the best.

Pocahontas. Her hair is always catching some wind and it looks good when it does!

Day Nine: Favorite Couple

Prince Eric and Ariel from The Little Mermaid are an adorable couple! They compliment each other so well and they make beautiful babies πŸ˜›

Mickey and Minnie are the age old classic couple of Disney! You really cannot beat them

Day Eight: Saddest Moment

Sorry I didn’t do two updates yesterday. I had a really bad day. So I’ll do three today.

The Lion King. Mufasa‘s dead and poor Simba is trying to wake him up. The whole scene is sad. When Scar tells him it’s his fault and to run away and never return.

The Fox and the Hound. When the old lady leaves Todd in the woods. The song on the way there is just as tear jerking! I loved this movie and I still cry every time she leaves him when I watch it.

Day Seven: Favorite Castle

Hey guys! I might not post tomorrow, I’m leaving to visit my aunt in Virginia. I’ll update for 2 days on Sunday though.
I don’t really have a favorite castle? But I do love Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney world. Did you know that the castle there is actually the home to Princess Aurora(Sleeping Beauty)?