Day Two: Favorite Princess

Well this one is a bit difficult… I have a lot of favorite princesses. So I’ll post all of them!

Belle‘s dream and my dream are pretty much the same. “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell. And for once it might be grand to have someone understand I want so much more than they’ve got planned” (That is the sole reason for the name of my blog) Growing up in Small Town West Virginia, I wanted nothing more than to get out of there and spread my wings. Now, that dream is coming true. Another thing I love about Belle is that she looks past the handsome and superficial Gaston and falls in love with the ugly but kind beast.

Megara. She fell in love and sold her soul to save her lover’s life. When he dumped her and left for another girl, she was left to Hades. Disney movies don’t really talk about big problems like that anymore. Hercules was one of the great movies that we probably won’t see anymore.

Pocahontas. A brave woman who loves animals and nature that way it should be. She was the first American Disney Princess, the daughter of the chief of the tribe. She is betrothed to a man she doesn’t love and is dreading marrying him, but she probably would have, if she hadn’t met John Smith. Plus, again, I was a bit obsessed with the movie as a little girl.

Who doesn’t love Ariel? She dreams of being human while most little girls dream of being a mermaid. She fell in love with a handsome prince and vows to make her dream true. When her father sees how much she does love him he makes it true for real and for life.

Well I think that’s all I’m posting for now!

Have a magical day!


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I'm Miranda. I'm naive. I'm 19 years young. I'm a bookworm. I'm a sloppy writer. I'm happily taken ♥. By Derek Michael Allison. I love him with my whole heart. To others I'm a daughter, a sister, a lover, a granddaughter, a niece, a disappointment, a cousin, a friend, a best friend, a confidant, and reliable. I like to cook but hate to clean. I like to play dress up but hate to party. I like to cuddle but hate when it ends. I graduated from Oak Glen High School in 2009 and I am a freshman at WVU majoring in English

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